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Place2Heal uses Evidence Based Healthcare Design (EBHD) to enhance experience, promote healing and improve well-being in Israel’s outpatient treatment centers

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Reducing the stress of outpatient care



Encouraging healing by engaging our senses



Making illness more bearable

Evidence Based Healthcare Design (EBHD)

5 Interesting Facts To Know

  • Thank Florence Nightingale

    One of the earliest modern pathfinders in this field was Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of the nursing profession. Her work in military hospitals during the Crimea War (1853-1856) led her to be a vocal proponent for good hospital design and sanitary conditions, including decent lighting, quiet, warmth, clean water, and proper food.

  • A View of Nature Helps

    In 1984, Roger Ulrich, Professor of Architecture at the Center for Healthcare Building Research at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, found that patients with a view of nature suffered fewer complications and used less pain medication than those who looked out at a brick wall.

  • Patients Cope Better With Pain

    The Harvard Medical School Boston Children’s Hospital is emphasizing the use of interior design, light, and arts in order to reduce stress and improve patients’ ability to cope with pain.

  • Colored Light

    Colored glass is used on the windows at the Boston Children’s Hospital Massachusetts as way to distract and relax patients so that procedures go more smoothly.

  • Calms Children

    At The Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California the lobby has been designed and donated by Disney Imagineers; it incorporates natural light, play areas and access to gardens. The healing and play garden helps the children remain calm; interactive activity walls, sensory ocean wall sound, seating for families.

Why We Matter

  • Some rooms in my chemotherapy center have windows which I really like on a sunny day. The natural light gives me energy, takes away anxiety and stress, and brings positivity into the room.

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    Celina, 40
  • I would love to see empowering quotes and words on the walls. When my mind races with worry powerful messages help soothe those fears.

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    Leah, 33
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Our bodies respond to colors, images, soothing sounds and a gentle touch.

By engaging all our senses, Place2Heal creates optimal healing spaces.


Empowering images, soothing colors, and natural lighting transport patients out of the clinic and into a refreshing and uplifting mindset.


Refreshments to strengthen and support physical and mental health

Noise Reduction

Regulated acoustics to lower blood pressure and relax the nervous system


Comfortable furniture to create safety and warmth

Cancer Treatment in Israel


Outpatient Treatment Centers


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Our Healing Places

Join us in creating a new type of outpatient care in Israel combining proven design methods and top medical treatments.

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