Why We Help

Place2Heal is a personal mission which grew

from one woman’s journey through cancer.

Judy Bogen, founder of Place2Heal

Judy Bogen, founder of Place2Heal

When people undergo treatments for serious illnesses, they and their families often feel fear and stress. These feelings have been shown to impact recovery and can understandably affect the well-being of  patients, their caregivers,  and families.

Place2Heal redesigns treatment spaces using proven international best practices to create a warm and healing environment in order to reduce negative feelings, and encourage significant change in people’s lives.

I consult with architects, interior designers, medical professionals and patients to engage all of the senses through lighting, acoustics, visuals, texture, and refreshments. This supports the patient during treatment, as well as afterwards by replacing some of the stress and fear associated with illness with strength and positivity.

Medical studies from around the world, show that a person’s environment has a direct impact on their mood and ability to heal. According to Prof. Roger Ulrich, one of the leading researchers in the field of evidence-based healthcare design, spaces that induce a pleasant feeling, recall nature, and provide comfort; promote healing in the body which in turn can lessen pain, improve recovery outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.

From my own experience in outpatient treatments, and in consultations with patients and professionals, I have seen the positive and negative effects treatment rooms can have on recovery.  From the lack of sunshine in a windowless room to six hours in an uncomfortable chair, it is becoming increasingly obvious to the medical establishment that surroundings matter in treatment.

Place2Heal will expand over time beyond the walls of treatment rooms to provide other vital services to outpatients encouraging optimal healing.

Please join me in creating an optimal healing environment for outpatient care in Israel.

– Judy

In Honor of Cheryl Stern

Cheryl Stern

In the winter of 2009, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Sitting at my daughters’ basketball game, I was introduced to Cheryl. She had been diagnosed 2 weeks after me which instantly created a bond. We had started this Journey together and, I  had hoped, we would finish it together as well.

Cheryl worked in the school library and we spent time either talking or emailing about our treatment, side effects and general day to day struggles.

Cheryl had a strength that was like nothing I had ever seen. She would get up in the morning, go to work or shul, socialize and simply push herself to carry on despite this terrible disease coursing through her body.  She was always positive and full of life even hosting a bar mitzvah for her son just a week after finishing treatments.  How she found the physical and emotional strength – I will never know.

When the time came for my family and I to return to Israel, Cheryl and I stayed in touch sending notes of support and phone calls of our ups and downs.  Cheryl’s cancer returned and then returned again.  During this entire ordeal, she was lively and inspiring always getting as much as should could out of her day.

She was determined and strong with a supernatural capacity to overcome challenges and we lost her.  I will never forget receiving the news that her light had finally gone out.

The comfort and joy she added to my life inspired the creation of Place2Heal.