Why It Matters


  • I’ve had chemotherapy twice with a 7 year gap. The first time was a lonely and pretty traumatic experience. However, the second time was in a dedicated chemotherapy unit. There were individual bright rooms furnished in purples, peaceful and serene artwork on the walls, with comfortable recliners for the patient and chairs for visitors. There was an option to be alone or chat with others in the unit, making the whole experience more relaxed, easier to cope with and less traumatic. The unit didn’t have a ‘hospital’ smell and drinks and snacks were offered. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is debilitating but, in my experience, the environment and surrounding while undergoing the treatment made a huge difference to getting through it.

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    Sara, 53

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A patient enduring the enormously stressful and intense experience of cancer treatment can be nothing short of terrifying.  An environment designed to be soothing, comforting, and peaceful, coupled with operational efficiencies, integrated health delivery and a focus on optimizing the patient’s experience can really make all the difference- and can be highly impactful on the path to getting the patient better.

Brad, MD
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Going through breast cancer treatment was scary and full of unknowns.  Having my surgery and chemotherapy in a warm and caring environment helped me to get through the process with one less worry.  My nursing care was top notch and extras such as support groups, yoga and meditation, and an arts program made me feel less like a patient and more like a person.


  • Being able to undergo chemotherapy in a comfortable environment made all the difference to me. I had a view, a place I could escape to in my mind. The room was painted in soft colors and the chairs were comfortable. Sometimes, I would sleep for several hours during my treatment and the low noise level and soft chairs made that possible. My husband also had a comfortable chair for the duration of the treatment. This too is important as we were there for many hours at a time. Chemotherapy was a very challenging time in my life and my surroundings at the treatment center helped me through this, as did the very kind staff who always reminded me that I was not alone.

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    Judy, 48

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I would love to see empowering quotes and words on the walls. When my mind races with worry powerful messages help soothe those fears.

Leah, 33
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Some rooms in my chemotherapy center have windows which I really like on a sunny day. The natural light gives me energy, takes away anxiety and stress, and brings positivity into the room.

Celina, 40